Clariti Elite

Clariti Elite

Thanks to their high levels of moisture, these lenses can improve the health of your eyes and reduce irritation. This is because the Silicone Hydrogel that they’re made of is one of the healthiest and most hygienic materials available.

With an incredibly thin lens edge, you’ll probably forget you’re even wearing contact lenses thanks to the superb levels of comfort that the Clariti Elite offers. Providing crystal clear vision, clarity and focus throughout the day, these contacts also feature a coating that absorbs UVA and UVB radiation which can help to limit the damage to your eyes from harmful light.

These contact lenses will keep your eyes feeling comfortable and fresh all day long, from morning to evening. You’ll be able to enjoy the freedom and convenience of monthly lenses that you can wear for an extended period with no problems. 

£11.00 for 3 lenses

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